“Osteopathy treatment: Real cases and the healing approach”

“Osteopathic Treatment for Foot and Hand Joint Pain:

A Case Study of a Woman in Her 50s

  • Symptoms:
  1. Right big toe pain
  2. Left hand numbness and finger stiffness
  3. Occasional indigestion

During standing, a restriction in energy circulation was noted on the left side.

In a supine position, palpation identified significant tension in the left upper abdomen.

Further exploration revealed tension and reduced function in the pancreas and diaphragm.

The blocked energy flow on the left side, affecting the toes, was associated with decreased vitality in the pancreas.

Additionally, the left colon showed diminished vitality, impacting the ability to use the left leg and placing strain on the right foot, especially the toes.

Key Osteopathic Treatment:

  • Correction of fixation and misalignment in the left toes
  • Adjustment of fascia, joints, and misalignment from the left knee down
  • Balancing the pancreas, colon, and meridian energy points
  • Adjustment of heart meridian energy and joints in both hands
  • Correction of spinal fixation, misalignment, and compression areas (especially in the heart, diaphragm, and colon zones)

Additional Complementary Therapies:


  • Bioenergy Balancing Therapy and stem cell activation for the heart (X39 Lifewave Patch)
  • Cleansing and activation of the lower limb lymphatic and venous systems (manual techniques +Bioenergy Balancing Therapy)
  • Activation of spinal discs, surrounding ligaments, and inner muscles (manual techniques +Bioenergy Balancing Therapy)


The client has been consistently receiving regular care and is now enjoying a more comfortable daily life compared to before.