Tokyo Osteopathy Floating

Overview of Tokyo Osteopathy Floating

Tokyo Osteopathic Floating has been in practice since 2005 and been providing regular osteopathic care for our clients.

In addition to the international standard of osteopathic manipulative treatment, we offer subtle energetic treatment that fit to each individual’s body.

Our treatment room is an open, private space with good ventilation.

Based on our 17 years of experience, we are committed to being a private practice where you can entrust your mental and physical problems to us with peace of mind.


What is an osteopathic treatment?

We view total health from physical body to subtle energy body using hand palpation.

Through a variety of manual tests and techniques, joints are mobilized, muscle tension altered, blood and nerve supply enhanced.

This enables you to release stress(both mental and physical),to restore new energy.

Advice on posture, exercises and diet may be provided to aid recovery, and to prevent recurrence of symptoms.

Our Treatment is based on osteopathic manual treatment trained in US, Canada and France.


When to have an osteopathic treatment?

The sooner you come with a problem, the more likely treatment will work quickly.

However even if you have had a problem for years, treatment may be helpful to improve your symptoms.

We treat people not diseases. Most people may want to have an osteopathic treatment when they have pain or stiffness.Common problems include;


  • Pain or stiffness in neck, back, hips, shoulders, arms and legs
  • Backache experienced during pregnancy
  • Effects of trauma ,e.g., whiplash, sports injuries
  • Symptoms of chronic conditions, e.g., asthma, arthritis
  • Postural imbalance and many others



Initial consultation or first session



⚫︎First session:

Analysis of connections between the whole body and symptoms, finding priorities and approaches.

Systemic adjustment for local & general symptoms.


⚫︎Ongoing session:20,000yen/90min

Whole body treatment, Systemic adjustment for local & general symptoms.

Treatment focused on more deep-seated, long-standing symptoms in health.

For a best result ,recommended to have a regular care in 1-2 months.

Please consult with us about children’s treatment.


About a practitioner

Kei was trained as an osteopath, advanced practitioner and also a professional dowser.

After passing MRO, which is the international certification for osteopathic manual treatment, he learned advanced treatment at international  osteopathic schools.


  • Japan College of Osteopathy (3 years of full-time study + completion of internship)
  • Japan Osteopathic Medicine Association affiliated clinic (outpatient clinic as director)
  • John Warnham College of Classical Osteopathy (practical OMT training in England)
  • West Virginia School of Osteopathic Medicine (dissection and practical OMT training in the U.S.)
  • Wien School of Osteopathy (practical training in Physio-energetics)
  • Upledger Institute Japan (practical training in cranio-sacral therapy and cranio-sacral treatment)
  • Upledger Institute U.S.A. (practical training in French-style osteopathic treatment, Mechanical Link)
  • Researcher, Department of Neurology, University of Tokyo Hospital (researched magnetic brain stimulation therapy and the physical effects of electromagnetic fields)
  • Japan Dowsing Association, British Dowsing Association (trained to analyze and balance subtle energy fields of human body)
  • Founder of Medical Dowsing Arts


Book the session

Patients are welcome to book appointments with us directly, without the need for a referral.