Meridian ,Visceral and Stem Cell Activation Therapy with LifeWave Patch.


We have developed an osteopathic treatment system using the LifeWave Patch, a patented technology jointly developed by LifeWave and 3M,Inc in USA.

It links meridians, acupuncture points, internal organs, muscles, and blood vessels in an optimal balance, and is applied to the treatment point for maximum effect.

This is a procedure that can only be performed by practitioners with specialized body analysis and treatment skills.



The X39 and X49 patch have a medical patent for stem cell activation, and aims to activate and regenerate various internal organs and tissues depending on where it is applied.

The best results are expected in advanced conditions such as cancer and tumors, and in accelerating recovery from burns, injuries and surgery.


By sensing the current tissue balance and communicating with the cells and tissues that have high quality vibrations for superior recovery, it is applied to the targeted treatment point for 12 hours.


Tokyo Osteopathy Floating is an authorized distributor of LifeWave and can provide you with the most advanced therapy available.