Why has my left knee pain and bowleg gotten worse? Take care of your liver to recover the whole body.

“My knee pain and bowleg have worsened recently, and I can’t put my weight evenly on both sides… ”

The following is a case study of a man who came to our practice recently, and we will explain the details of the treatment and points for future recovery.

Factors that led to knee pain and bowleg to progress

We first examined the body’s response to the painful spot on the left knee.

The connection to the tension in the upper abdomen, the midriff, is shown.

This is a condition where the burden of the liver is connected to the meridian system on the other side of the lower body, restricting the flow of energy.

The liver strain does not seem to be caused by recent food, drink, allergens, medication or alcohol, but rather stress fatigue (information processing at the mental level) that has built up over time.

This may be the time when the stress caused by the current trends and circumstances of the Covid disaster may appear as a decline in the functioning of the liver, although it is not visible to the eye.


The actual osteopathic treatment is as follows.


  • Repair of musculoskeletal distortion of the lateral arch of the left foot.
  • Purification and drainage of the liver meridian and intestinal lymphatic system (energy level)
  • Yin energy cleansing and earthing.
  • Nutritional replacement therapy (Calcium Patch) for the left tibia.
  • Musculoskeletal strain repair of left knee

The factors that caused the knee pain and bowleg to progress ➯ multiple spine compressions and distortions in the chain

Next, we examined the problems on the back side of the body that affect the left knee and liver.

There is a lot of pressure on the sacral vertebral segment at the bottom of the spine, in the center of the pelvis.

Sitting in this condition for a long time causes decreased nerve and lymphatic flow in the left lower extremity.

The pressure in the sacral vertebrae did not respond to direct local therapy.

So we checked with the body’s energy information and found that restoring venous control of the heart from the lower extremities was a priority.


The actual osteopathic treatment consisted of the following steps.


  • Stem cell activation therapy (X39 Patch) for heart related tissues.
  • Distortion and compression release of the thoracic vertebrae T3-5.
  • ervical vertebrae C1-2 strain and compression release.
  • Release of strain and compression of thoracic T12 vertebrae.
  • Promote recovery of inner muscles of spinal column (Carmosin Patch)
  • Restore myofascial balance of spinal muscles.
  • Purification and strengthening of the 2nd chakra and recovery of the energy layer.


What are the habits that prevent knee pain from getting worse?

After the treatment, the client’s knee-pain became lighter, and even the center of gravity and balance improved.

Please avoid intensive workouts, yoga and exercises that involve standing on one leg for about three days from the day of the treatment.


In your daily life, please check your shoes, bedding, and couch for dents.

This is because after you have adjusted your body, the position of your feet and pelvis need to be changed from the previous structural pattern.

Knee pain and bowleg are caused by the connection of distortions and tensions in the whole body,


so we recommend regular care for 3 to 6 times after the treatment to prevent the symptoms from recurring.