“Case journal of Osteopathic Treatment ,Sep 2023

Hybrid Osteopathy Treatment Case 5

Patient: Woman in her 70s

⚫︎ Chief complaints:

– Rheumatoid arthritis, particularly in the joints of her hands and the inside of her ankles.
– Pain when putting weight on her heels.
– Eustachian tube dysfunction.

During a full-body screening in a standing position, a rightward curvature of the thoracic spine was identified, which was found to be a response to tension originating from the right lung to the liver.

Inflammation was noted in the right lung to liver region, and tissue frequencies in the spectral color analysis showed an imbalance in yellow and orange.

Further testing related to her symptoms revealed that factors contributing to the prolonged rheumatoid arthritis in her hands and wrists were present.

Surprisingly, the central cause of her foot joint issues and knee pain was not in the foot tissues, but rather, adhesions and inflammatory responses were found in her ovaries and intestines.

In actual osteopathic treatment, we gently released the misalignment in her hand and foot joints.

During this process, the goal was to restore balance, allowing for healing energy to flow in both directions, also to decrease the adhesions and inflammation in her lungs, liver, ovaries, and intestines.

Hybrid Osteopathy Treatment Case 4

Patient: Woman in her 40s

⚫︎ Chief complaints:

・Skin issues around chest, clavicle, and arms

・Knee pain and sensation of heaviness in legs

⚫︎ Treatment approach:

We did a thorough check by touching and using chakra energy diagnosis to see how the client’s stress was spread in their body.

There is a rightward curve in the upper thoracic vertebrae, and tension is noted in the right neck and shoulder area.

On the visceral side, the liver and intestines show signs of strain, and there’s tension in the deep fascia of the solar plexus and lower abdomen.

In a supine position, distortion and constriction are observed from the upper thoracic vertebrae to the heart and both feet, especially the thumbs and digits 2 and 4.

Looking at this in terms of the connection between the organs and meridian energy, it indicates strain on the heart, liver, intestines, lymphatic system, particularly the detoxification system.

Using osteopathic manual techniques, we worked on correcting the imbalances between these skeletal and visceral elements, along with the lymphatic system.

Concurrently, M.D.A’s tissue wave therapy was performed to balance energy stagnation and disturbances in the liver meridian and overall lymphatic tissues.

In this client’s case, disrupted tissue wave patterns have accumulated in the lymphatic, immune, and nervous systems, manifesting as skin issues.

Specifically, the possibility of heavy metal deposits like mercury and lead was indicated.

When checking with compatibility test for food and materials, it was found that over the years, the body has been taking in things that don’t really go together.

Through 3 sessions, there has been gradual improvement in the condition of the skin.

Hybrid Osteopathy Treatment Case3

Patient: Woman in her 30s

⚫︎Main Concerns

・Tightness and swelling from feet to lower legs

・Waking up feeling tired in the morning, and experiencing a sense of fuzziness.

・Neck and back of head feeling stiff and tense

⚫︎Treatment Approach

We had the patient stand while we did a thorough body listening test, paying special attention to tension in her neck and shoulders.

We found out that a blockage in the veins and lymph flow in her left leg was causing the heaviness in her neck and head.

We also noticed issues like congestion in both ankle joints and toes 2, 3, and 4. This suggested restricted lymph flow in the lower limbs, strain on the liver and liver meridian, heart strain, and discomfort in the coccygeal solar plexus.

We used various hands-on osteopathic techniques to help improve these functions.

During the later part of the treatment, I felt some compression and tightness between the layers of tissue covering the brain.

Additionally, when we checked the color vibes in these cranial tissues, we noticed unusual yellow and orange patterns.

This hinted at potential nerve tension in the head and an accumulation of body heat.

In addition to the osteopathic techniques, we used medical dowsing to adjust energy frequencies and help bring things back to normal.

After the treatment, the patient’s leg congestion eased up, the heaviness in her head lightened, and she reported an overall improvement in how she felt.

Hybrid Osteopathy Treatment Case 2

Female in her 40s

⚫︎The primary concerns

• Difficulty falling asleep and increased mental alertness during the night.

• Discomfort and tightness in both ankles.

• Fatigue caused by stress due to an apartment fire and neighbor’s actions.

★ Treatment Details

During a supine position full-body assessment and stress area searching, it was found that the energy flow below the ankles was restricted. This is one manifestation of psychological stress that has permeated the entire lymphatic system.

Suppressed emotions and feelings that cannot be expressed verbally or communicated to others can lead to energy imbalances, even in a short period.

The key to this treatment was to address the misalignment and blockages in the lateral arches of the second, third, and fourth toes, along with the downward displacement and torsion of the fibula.

In addition, adjustments were necessary for the cranial sutures (Bregma, Pterion), dura mater, and arched tension from the occipital region to the temporal area.

The excessive rising of qi and blood in the head also appeared to be affecting the insomnia.

(Note: “qi” is a concept in traditional Chinese medicine representing vital energy, and “dura mater” refers to a protective membrane covering the brain and spinal cord.)

The atmosphere inside the clinic is warm and inviting, with a soothing ambiance that promotes relaxation and comfort. The combination of vintage furniture and natural elements creates a serene and tranquil environment, enhancing the overall experience for our patients.

Our treatment room and the symbol tree, Augusta, are doing well with fresh shoots even in this hot summertime!

Hybrid Osteopathic Treatment Case 1

Male in his 40s

⚫︎Main Complaints

• Thinning hair

• Lower back pain

★ Treatment Details

Initially, we addressed the impact of ankle joint misalignment on lower back pain. Additionally, we made adjustments to the thoracic and rib joints, along with the surrounding fascia, to alleviate the compression causing lower back discomfort in both standing and sitting positions.

Thinning hair indicated adrenal fatigue and decreased energy in the reproductive organs. To balance the link between lower back pain, organ function, and head and brain areas, specific treatments were required.

Note: The term “Hybrid Osteopathy” is used to describe a combination of manual treatment and energetic therapy for subtle body.Guidance on dietary choices and lifestyle habits may be provided.